Information for Holders Reporting
Unclaimed Property to the State of Mississippi

The Mississippi Unclaimed Property Act (Section 89-12-1) requires that a holder report to the Treasurer property which is presumed to be "abandoned" or "unclaimed" after the stated dormancy period for each property type.

Unclaimed Property reports and remittance are due Nov 1st for property reportable to the State of Mississippi as of the proceeding June 30. Holders who have never reported should include all property that has been held for the appropriate dormancy period. Remittance should be made payable to the Mississippi State Treasurer.

All holders are encouraged to report electronically, but holders reporting 10 or more records should file electronically. Free holder reporting software Holder Reporting System (HRS) Pro with detailed instructions are available for your use.

Holders reporting securities: please see additional instructions.

You may file online, but if you choose to submit your electronic report on CD by mail, include a completed UP1 Form in your packet. PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT ACCEPT EXCEL FILES!! USE HRS PRO to create your report!!. Complete and mail your report, along with your remittance, to the address included with the instructions.

If you do not have access to the internet or have any questions regarding the reporting instructions, please call (601) 359-3534, Fax (601) 359-5217.


Unclaimed Property Division
Mississippi State Treasurer

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To learn more about property types and the national standard, review the NAUPA Standard Electronic File Reporting Format (PDF format). For more information about unclaimed property administration, see the NAUPA - The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators website (opens new window).

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